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I purchased a Larue X300 mount to use with my Surefire X300U-A on my PS90 SBR, and while running a Trijicon MRO the light can only be mounted at the rear end of the right side rail. The reason? if you use the Larue mount on the left side the PS90 magazine will not have enough space to fit under the rail to engage.

So I played with it, and I found a spot on the rail that it will secure to, and will allow the magazine to fit under the rail. It is not in a super bad location, and as a left handed shooter the light so not block my view on the right side of the PS90.

I wanted a quick detach option to remove the light and change out the batteries. The factory Picatinny rail mounting option provided by Surefire sucks monkey balls, and it is nearly impossible to get the light and off using their mounting option. The light is on secure, and does not move at all the current ( and only way to mount it while using a MRO).

I just wanted to share with the forum if anyone was thinking of going this direction with a small, compact, quick detach method for a light. I am not sure if there will be any issue with other optics. I am running a Design machine MRO mount.

The light will not attach anywhere else on the right side rail due to the MRO, and the left rail no matter where you mount it the level blocks the seating of the PS90 magazine. There is also no other way to mount the light on the Larue mount ( you can not turn it around and put it together the parts won’t line up).


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