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Vera Koo is a 67 year old Chinese American world champion shooter. She is an eight-time Bianchi Cup women’s champion, and also holds two World Woman Championship titles – one at the Bianchi Cup and one at the World American Handgunner’s Man-on-Man Shoot Off. Vera hails from the Bay Area in California, and started shooting at the age of 45.

Welcome to The Firearm Blog, we are delighted to have you. So let me start off by saying that I think it’s fantastic that you started shooting at a later age in life. I think it inspires people to know that you are never too old to start new adventures in life.
One of the problems I see in our sport is getting new people involved. Tell us how you got involved in shooting, and if you have any advice on how we can continue to get new gun owners?

I was extremely afraid of guns. So I decided to take a handgun safety class at a community college. I ended up taking the beginner’s class, the intermediate class, and the advance class. I had gotten the instructor’s permission to repeat some of the classes. Therefore, I was at De Anza College for a total of seven quarters learning gun operations and gun safety. The classes provided the guns and ammo. I learned with the revolvers and then the semi-auto guns. The instructor competed in bull’s eye matches, so I learned from him all the great basics that enabled me to climb in the ranks of the competitions that I had later participated.

- See more at: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2014/01/12/interview-vera-koo-world-champion-shooter/#sthash.oJLGLhRZ.dpuf
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