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When I bought my FNP9mm last year to take my CHL with, I was introduced to the PS90 by my dealer. It felt and looked great, but being a newbie to high power firearms, I had set my sites on an AR / AK style. After saving up money for months, I went to the shop to talk about an AR, and damn if I didn't walk out putting a deposit on the PS90.

Picked it up yesterday and shot it last night. It was getting late and I didn't really get to take my time, only shot a 100 or so rounds, but all/most were smooth and on a paper plate from just less than 100'. (blue tips and hollow points )

Things I like about the gun....

1. Looks sick
2. Feels comfortable while aiming and firing, little to no recoil. The weight of the gun felt tucked under my arm and target acquisition was a breeze.
3. Number of available rounds in magazine, and being able to look down and know how many you have left. Not to mention that I was shocked at how easily the magazine loaded.
4. It's Quiet. I haven't seen that mentioned around much, may be it's a bad thing to some people, but I didn't have to use hearing protection.
5. Surprisingly accurate. My dealer kept reminding me that it's a 16" barrel hidden up in that stock. It doesn't look like it would be as sharp of a shooter as it is.
6. Did I mention that it looks really cool ?

Things I DON"T like about the gun.....
1. Numero Uno !!!!!! The trigger. I don't even consider it a trigger, it's a lever. The only thing worse than the trigger pull is the return action it has. I understand that it's a bullpup, and I've never even shot any other type of Bullpup designed guns. Now the trigger isn't enough to make me not love the gun........it just sucks. It feels like plastic rubbing on plastic. I noticed that the trigger uses fancy coat hangers to reach back to the trigger assembly in the butt where the spring is.....Seems like the spring should be up right above the trigger where the coat hanger clips in. What do I know ?
2. I don't really have a number 2 or anything else to complain about. I actually like the white site that it came with it. And the ammo seems to be ok. I trap alot of feral hogs at my place and fully intend to test the stopping power of these little bullets through the head of a 200 pound Central Texas Hog. ( will report of course )
2.5 No spent casing catcher. That would be a cool little selling point, something cheap they could throw in. The coat hanger in the trigger gave me the idea to make my own. LOL

In closing I would like to express a thank you and I have a question.

Thanks to whoever runs this site, and to all the locals that post here. I've been lurking for a couple of weeks, and can not thank y'all enough for your wealth of information.


Nowhere, have I found an explanation of the small trap door inside the shell ejection port. Didn't see anything in the manual, or nothin' mentioned on here.

I'm assuming it's like a dust door to protect the bolt from dirty conditions, as it opens it's self when you cock it. But I just thought I'ld ask if it serves any specific purpose.

OH yeah and many thanks to My Main Man Robert at the Bunker. If your ever near San Marcos stop in. He's one of the good ones. I couldn't have bought mine cheaper anywhere.

Martindale Texas

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Glad you like it ! It is a fun weapon! You know I don'thave any problem with the trigger that you seem to have but then again for 10 years I had the french expression "De Merde" (rough and polite translation is make do with what you got!) drilled into me! I am a bullpup fanatic and the first non bullpup i will own in 20 yrs will be a scar heavy. i know about your hog problems as my parents have that problem in Austin, but I'm not sure 5.7 is what you want for them I once had to put 7 7.62's into a SC. boar to stop it! but lets us know how it does!

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I too love bullpups and use to the trigger but also I too have a gripe and that is the instruction manual sucks! as stated there is nuthin about the ejection dust cover or that it can be used to hold the bolt open by pulling the charging handle to the rear and then closing the dust cover. If you want to know about sight adjustment you need to spend the $60 for the tool to receive the instructions on that. FN may make a great gun but this nickel and dime bull **** for a $1500+ weapon needs to stop :( It would not hurt them to post the manual to down load from there site and to have a more through set of instructions.

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Congrats! I never met a bullpup I liked until I handled my first PS90 and now I own two of them! Btw, FN makes a spent casing catcher, I use it on both my PS90's (empties are too valuable to throw away!...) Keep us posted!...
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