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Irons on a Shotgun

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What kind of irons do you guys like in your shotguns? Heres how I configured mine on my Molot Vepr 12.

Well I've been quite the internet warrior lately when it comes to researching VEPR12 upgrades and mods. I decided that I wanted something other than the factory rear sight configuration. It just seemed as if there was a more appropriate setup for a shotgun. I did some reading on saiga and vepr forums. I decided to go with the erasing and replacing the rear leaf sight and spring with a Keltec SU16B alumimum rear sight assembly recommendation. It lines up very well just from eyeballing it after installing it.

Some of the benefits of this rear peep sight upgrade that I can think of include: a longer sight radius, more precise windage adjustment, a faster sight acquisition, and a better sight picture. I had access to a rear sight from a keltec rifle at work as a mock up to see if it would function in my favor. Time to sight in with some slugs to see how she works.

Heres some pics, it looks even better when shouldered.

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Thanks! I may do a steiner rmr style sight on it, not sure yet.
Nice! When you remove the cover cleaning does it affect zero?
Cleaning cover hinges at the front. So i guess it technically not removeable? I havent got a chance to shoot it yet.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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