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If so which one and what do you think?

I've had my PS90 for almost two months, thought I had made up my mind, but still have not decided on a final optic... AND I'M STRESSING!

I am considering the TA45R-2 (1.5x24) with red triangle for my tri-rail as I would like to make regular use of the weapon out to 150+m, but I will also be using it for primary HD. I would like to not have to mess around with different optics, magnifiers, adjustable power, etc, simply for longer range. I love the ruggedness & simplicity of the ACOG with no batteries, etc, but my only concern would be that it might not be very quick in the 5-25m range, the 24mm has a smaller FOV at distance but it's larger exit pupil & eye relief will make it MUCH faster/easier to use close up than your typical 3-6x ACOG models.

My other option is their new(er) 42mm Reflex but it is only available with the hardly precise 6.5moa dot and only in amber (not the greatest color in the desert), I know it will be faster up close but after 50m getting accurate hits is going to start being be a crap-shoot... literally. I really want to like this one but the color, MOA and potential loss of range is holding me back but good, that and the ACOG just rocks.



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