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Is FNH aware of the loose backstrap and other FNX issues?

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This has been bothering me, on a couple of levels.

First, my brand new FNX 9 has this, and even though I worked out a fix, why should I have to? Which leads to my second point.

I like my FNH pistols, and I want FNH to continue to support the civilian market. Reports of this problem and the mag seating issue that some pistols have are already tarnishing the reputation of the FNX in the online gun world. This no doubt will cost FNH-USA some sales, both on the civilian and LE side. If the initial sales of the FNX are not up to expectation, could this not lead to FN just giving up on the civilian market and go back to Military only?

Or am I just a nervous Nelly and these issues are too small/random to worry about?
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I think the issues are too small and probably not terribly wide spread. I can't see FN getting out of the civilian market anytime soon.
While I don't see FN getting out of the civilian market, I think your points are valid.
as with all new products regardless of industry. The first batches can have some small details that need ironed out. Im sure someone in commerical is working on these issues and getting all the kinks worked out. Not my department so I dont know.

Expect us to remain in the commercial market though. That wont change :?
Thanks CountryBoy.

I'm sure the guys at the factory got a chuckle out of my "fix" for the loose backstrap, if they saw it that is.

I hope that the company can land a really prime LE contract with the FNX or FNP-45. That would really make people sit up and take notice.

Nice bike in your sig BTW. It's just getting warm and consistent enough for me to think about getting my Triumph out for some fun.

Ride safe, and pass my regards and thoughts to the folks at FNH.
what's the issue with the backstrap? the one on my FNP-45 Tactical seems to have like a 1/16" up and down play in it.
My FNX has the same mag issue that ainokea's had in the youtube review. I'm curious if this is to be considered normal or not. Do most FNX pistols have this problem where the mag has to be pushed forward after insertion, or do most just click right in? I don't know if this is a feature or an issue. Either way I'm keeping it, but I want to know if I should be contacting FN or not.
That's the backs trap issue. *Edited as balance posted at the same time...*

They should have kept the screw retained back strap like the FNP-9 and FNP-40 have. though I will say that my early production FNP-45 has a solid, non-sloppy back strap.

Also, if the mag retention is supposed to be as yours is then FNH should give a reason for it, as it does seem very odd.
I wonder what is different on the pistols that do or don't have the mag issue. The only things I can think of would be the mag catch height, the notch on the mag itself, or the height of the base plate on the mag. I wonder if shaving a millimeter or two of plastic off the top of the base plate could fix it.
I think it's the release button, and/or mechanism itself.

I've been trying to make mine act up and finally had it happen. I think the release button is sticking slightly to one side. If I watch closely when inserting a mag the button will move ever so slightly.

Perhaps a drop of lube on it is in order.

Never an issue with the slide open, but with the weapon in battery it does seem to happen with loaded mags.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it's the mags.

Probably inconsistent location of the locking lug on the front of the mag.

Too late for my eyes to deal with tonight, but if someone has a good digital readout caliper, some measurements might be in order.
what's the potentional fix for the backstrap slop?
I don't know about an official fix from FNH, but BlitzPig came up with an easy and reversable solution a couple threads down called "Relatively easy fix for loose backstraps". I did this on mine and it worked great.

About the mag issue, I think I'm going to wait a little to see if FN gives a response to the issue. I think if I shave the base plate, it may fix the issue but it could also cause the mag to go too high and hit the ejector while being inserted. I noticed that if I load a mag while pushing it toward the backstrap, the back of the base plate hits the frame before the front. The mag doesn't click until the front of the base plate touches the frame. I'm don't work at a shop anymore so I don't have access to a micrometer, but hopefully someone else does. I hope it is something as simpe as the notch on the mag so that a simple swap can fix it. Even with the way it is now, it doesn't bother me too much, but if it could be fixed, then that would be great.
I've been working one mag more than the others and noticed there is now a small burr on the lower edge of the tab on the front of the mag. This leads to my thinking that a thinner base plate might be the fix. Either that or stoning the tab to shorten it, but that's risking ruining a $60 part.
Most of these things are "growing pains" of new models that just hit the market. I haven't found one that got released without any problems. S&W, CZ, Glock, Ruger etc... I'm one of the types that like to get the newest thing that comes out.

FNH is one of the better manufacturers out there, i've talked to a lot of other companies and FNH has a great customer service.
I totally agree ainokea. And I understand as I tend to be an early adopter myself. You can go to any firearms forum on the net and see the same things happen with a new model introduction. The CZ P-07 Duty is a case study in a problematic introduction from an otherwise respected manufacturer.

As to the FNX-9, the more I investigate my own pistol the more I keep coming back to the magazines.

They are actually quite small for their 17 round capacity. I have not disassembeled them yet, but I have a suspicion that the spring is totally compressed at full capacity, or, the mag follower is a bit too deep into the mag and is bottoming at full capacity. I noticed that when I use my Maglula Uplula to load mags that there is not enough room for the 17th round and the "shoe" of the Maglula to both fit in the mag body. I have to load the last round by hand. Also one of my mags is a slightly different color (it's a bit darker) than the other two, and that mag always loads far easier into the pistol than the other two. Perhaps FNH has had a running change in the mags?

In any case I'm sticking with my FNX-9 as it is as accurate as my current benchmark 9mm CZ 75B, yet it is smaller, lighter, higher capacity, and has more functionality than the all steel CZ.
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It's funny you mention the P07. That's one of the first ones i did a video on also. There was quite a few problems with that one earlier on. With frame bulge and magazines not dropping free. CZ Usa was great to deal with on those issues. Pretty much every new model had "concerns" when first released. The Gen 4 glocks had some issues with the new captured dual recoil system on the G17s. Mossberg 930spx had issues with canted front sights, and the list goes on.

Of course what I find with the particular samples that i get will be different from other people's so I try to emphasize that it could be just my particular firearm.

I also have to emphasize that FNH, CZ, Dillon, Glock, Keltec, and High Point(yes high point) have the better customer service i've dealt with in the firearms industry.
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