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Is it worth it????

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I have been thinking about buying the Five-seveN, is it worth the 900.00 Bucks!!!!
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I hope so...I just bought one in Dark Earth :-D . Should be delivered by Saturday. It's a little brother for my PS90. Seems FNH extended the free ammo offer to August 31st as well.
"If" a new ban comes, it will almost certainly be on it. There is too much alarmist, sensationalist press about them for them to slip by. At a minimum the hi-cap mags would be out.

While I am a little on the fence about the pistol itself (relative to other options), this fact alone drove me to pick one up. I didn't have the resources to stock up when the last ban came around. Now it is different, and I will not miss out a second time.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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