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Just bought a new 329pd 44mag 3 days ago and I just shot 2 rounds thru it today and nearly broke my wrist (had surgery on it twice in the past 5years) so figured its better I dont tempt fate with it. So I went to the shop right after and bought myself this!!
Boy is it pretty and ran 24rds thru it when I got home and I love it, with 158gr mags recoil isnt very tame but its exactly the amount of punch I wanted in a plinker/speedshooter/idpa/farm gun. Only have one problem with it as it stands and Im not sure what part I need to order. The gun shoots 5-6inches high at 35yards with the rear sight as low as it gets. I dont want to put a taller front sight on as its already plenty tall and I need a lower weight overall and lower notch to balance it out. Its NOT me and I am an accomplished shooter and there is no getting used to the gun for me with this issue. Its making a 1inch splatter on the steel just 5-6in high. So any links to where I can get what I need would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

Heres some pics of my new beauty! Will need advice on a holster for it since Im only used to carrying a 1911 in a holster and dont know what frame/barrel size is ideal for this particular pistol. Something OWB without the use of a belt would be idea for around the farm (I cant wear a belt due to a medical issue) Something that has a clipon to the pants would be great.

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