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Filed to make SBR today
In all honesty, I don't think the 16" barrel looks bad at all, I might even prefer it aesthetically to the SBR. I certainly prefer the velocity gained with the 16", you really loose a significant amount of velocity cutting the barrel down, and definitely sacrifice some armor penetration. From the videos I have seen, the 16" will get through things the SBR length won't.

I do think the PS90 is a cool gun and I have been trying to justify buying one. But I wound up buying a 2nd Five Seven instead two weeks ago. I think I have refrained from buying a PS90 because I really feel the 5.7 is more of a pistol round, or there are more effective rifle rounds out there.

For a PDW I am very happy with my suppressed AAC MPW 9" 300BLK AR SBR and my LWRC UCIW SBR 8" 5.56. The UCIW is absolutely tiny. 22" with the special shorty stock collapsed, and 25" with it the stock expanded. Over an inch shorter than the PS90.

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I was surprised to see with 5.56 and even .223 Speer Gold Dots, the 8" barrel of the UCIW produces enough velocity for the Gold Dots to fully expand out to 300 yards! Tough to beat that for a PDW.

And supersonic 300BLK rounds like the Barnes TSX 110gr are pretty devastating out of a 9" barrel for a few hundred yards. As are the very quiet when suppressed expanding subsonics at less than 100 yards.

Granted with the suppressor attached my 300BLK is much longer than the PS90, but drop the suppressor and it is the same.
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If I bought a PS90 it would be more of a range toy rather than something I would use for serious work. But who I am kidding, I don't do serious work :) They are all toys to me! Like many of you (LEOs on this board excluded) I'm just a child who has grown old :) (I guess that probably applies to some of the LEOs on here as well :)
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