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Xlegionaire said:
What is a fair price for an FS 2000 with less then 50 rds. through it and the urban ert sling for it?

IMO - fifty rounds is nothing. Say 5% off current retail value if the firearm is complete wth all accessories. That will save someone $100.00 on a $2K firearm.

You can probably get full retail value for it if you just throw in the sling.

Depends on how fast you want the money.

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I paid $1500 for mine and see them in the local store for $1950. depends on how bad you want/need to move it, but if i were in the market I'd be looking pretty hard if it were priced at $1800-1900.

these are pricey guns so potential buyers are looking for a decent price.

What would you pay for it?

if you will sell for under 1900 PM me and I'll hook you up with a potential buyer who wants.
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