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BANK SCARE: Kennewick man’s Halloween costume bombs

By Paula Horton, Herald staff writer

Call this one not such a bright idea.

A Kennewick man who dressed up like a terrorist bomber and went into a bank Friday morning found out no one appreciated his Halloween costume.

Kennewick police were called around 10:15 a.m. to U.S. Bank, 303 W. First Ave., after people driving by saw a man wearing a white robe and turban walking into the bank, Sgt. Jesse Mill said.

Oh, and he also had a fake bomb strapped around him.

“The device he made was very, very realistic looking,” Mill said.

A deputy who was across the street saw him going inside the bank.

Officers called the bank while the man was still inside and bank officials said everything was OK and that he was a regular customer, Mill said.

But the 39-year-old, who is 6-foot-3 and 320 pounds, was stopped by officers as he exited the bank and ordered to lie down to the ground.

He told police he knew the people at the bank and thought it would be entertaining to go in there dressed like a terrorist.

“In this day and age … it’s not real smart,” Mill said.

The man was identified and a report will be forwarded to the city attorney to see if any charges are warranted, Mill said.

The man’s identity was not released because he wasn’t arrested or cited.

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