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After much wait... I believe mine is showing up tomorrow ( UPS ). If the comb height is low for my optic I will improvise. I know it may not be for everyone but modifying something to meet user demands is just how some things are. I had gotten poked in the eye a couple of times from the rear sight when running my my Elcan... with the OEM boot anyways..... something about too much trigger " happy " and I couldn't get out of it when laying down a string of lead .... ! ( it's a disease I'll tell you )
I talk with and see a few military guys and what I seem to catch frequently in their sandbox pics is high end accessories with personalized mods for war fighting. Maybe it's me but as I progress in the hobby ... I like to alter things to suit my needs.
I don't know how I feel about the stock not locking folded.... cross that when & if it happens.

Just my .02 !
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