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I am not selling these, just stating what has worked for me. I purchased a UTG light and laser for 100.00 (they are on e-bay for 60.00)and installed on my five seven. It works great and fits wonderful. The light only comes past the barrel about .5 inch and it fits nice and snug. At night the light easily lights up 50 plus yard brightly. If you look at it, you cant see and the laser works ok but is primarly a night laser as the red in daylight only is visiable maybe 20 feet in bright sunlight. The set up looks like the hell fire system so it looks good. It is available with a pressure pad but has two toggle switches as standard. Pushing up is momentary and down is always on. You also can pick between, light, laser or laser or light and it is made for both left and right handers. This is a very ecomical way to go. I also switch it on my FNP45. I am going to order another for it although so I don't have to keep moving it.


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