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Lasermax on my FNP 40

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Well I broke down and bought a rail mounted red laser for my 40. It arrived today. So far I'm impressed. It took me exactly 15 seconds to remove it from the packaging, mount it on my gun, and adjust it to point of aim! It's very small, very light, and natural to work with. If you hold your pistol with the index finger off the trigger and along the lower edge of the rail, the on/off switch is right at your finger tip. It's ambidextrous so no problem for lefties like me. I'm going to the range tomorrow so we'll see how it does there under fire. So far I like it. It gives me a whole new perspective on defensive shooting. I've been resistant to change for years. Need proof? Up until a year ago I was soley dedicated to revolvers. I started shooting handguns in 1963. I finally gave in to the need for more firepower and "tried" and auto loader. Now my revolvers are relegated to the range only, and I carry only autos. One problem will be finding a holster for the FNP with the laser. If y'all have any suggestions, bring em on!
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