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Excellent post Tspeis!!! Another big thanks for the link! I also agree with you on the 6.8. That would be an outstanding rifle. I'd also like to see a sharpshooter version with a heavier contour barrel in 6.5 too.

I'm sure that when it hits the market and establishes itself, there will be a lot of options available for it. I can already imagine aftermarket companies like MagPul, Noveske, ect. bringing out some cool upgrades to individualize the rifle to the user's tastes.

I think the SCAR is the most highly anticipated rifle in a very long time. I gotta love the PS90 and FS2K, but people who prefer a more conventional rifle will likely go for the SCAR.

Again, Kudos to FNH USA for bringing some top flight products to the civilian market place. They've got a heck of a lineup already and it's looking better every day!
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