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There’s no doubt that time flies by faster with age. I remember hearing one old lady saying that breakfast seemed to come round every fifteen minutes.
I was reminded of this phenomenon when I looked up in my records the last time that I visited Dave’s Gun Range, and was astonished to find it was nearly seven years ago.

It was definitely time for another visit. As I was buzzed in through the door — there is good security there — I was glad to see that not much had changed.
On my last visit, the CEO Richard Moore had told me that there were two prime rules for the five man staff: safety and cleanliness. It was obvious that these two goals were being kept up well.

The manager on duty this day was Bobby Reinbolz and he showed me around the place, which is in an industrial area of south San Bernardino. We took a look at the archery range alongside the shooting areas.

“We don’t have quite the same number of archers as we used to,” he said. “But as you can see we have excellent facilities for them.”
At the end of the long room was a slightly battered model deer in front of an entire wall of tightly packed straw.

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