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Savage 10FP police rifle with accutrigger. Fired 60 times, immaculately maintained, and always cleaned with bore guide, carbon rod, and jigs. Left hand bolt, 24 inch bull barrel. Stock has two forward mounts, one for a sling, and the other for a bipod.

IOR Valdada 6x30 tactical scope, with draganov style reciticle. This optic has adjustable illumination and is cammed for .308 168gr, out to 1kilometer. If the target is 600 meters distant you just turn the top turret to 6. The windage turret is also conveniently marked and is adjustable in 1 moa increments. This high quality, nitrogen filled German glass is $600 new.

Harris Bipod, is quick detach type with spring loaded legs, and thumb screws for fine adjustment. This bipod is the varmint type. It extends very far, allowing you to shoot from a sitting position.

Asking $1g for everything, plus shipping. Must ship to an FFL, if you live outside of Pennsylvania.

PM me with any questions.

Questions answered:

-This setup cost me $1500, disregarding shipping and tax.
-This setup shoots one inch groups @ 100 yards.
-The reciticle is black when not illuminated.
-Despite being 30mm the optic is very bright and sees excellently at night.
-I do like the accutrigger, and yes it's adjustable.
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