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Good title for a gameshow!

"Okay Eric, give that wheel a good spin."

"All right!, I'll take H&K for 700 Bob."

"Okay, in what year did the P7 enter production?"

"Uhh... 1979?"

"That's right! Here's a new HK45, thanx for playing. Now get the heck off the stage."


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owingsjg said:
Thanks Ship. Sorry for the comment about bashing Ruger a while back (Beater gun), i guess i am a little partial to them.
No problem.. Back then, when I said "Beater gun," it was basically meaning a cheap, reliable 9mm that I needn't worry about if it gets beat up or scratched up... As opposed to a $600-$700 handgun that I would be super upset if I damaged it externally. That P95 was $315 + tax... Something I didn't have to treat gently.

I sold it later, however, as I needed the $ for something else I bought.

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I need to do mine but I'm just too busy atm :cry:
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