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New guy here trying to decide what to put on a SCAR17.
Would like some input from anyone that has had experience with a combination of these scopes.
I've read every review I can find and then some! I have a Leopold 1-4 on an AR and really like it.
Leupolds web site lacks details IMO and is frustrating to navigate/find the info you want.

My choices are:
Leupold VX6 1-6
Leupold Mark 4 1.5-6 Appears to have adjustable parallax knob? Not much info on their site about it unless I missed it.
Razor HD 2 1-6 (25 ounce in weight!)

I'm not concerned with having a true 1x.
I like a wide field of view. The VX6 and Razor seem to be very close in specs for FOV.
What would an advantage be for the 1.5-6 over a 1-6?

What's the difference between Leupold VX6 and Mark 4 lines? Meaning glass, construction, spec's, etc etc.

I've found both of the Leopuld versions with a mount in the $900 range. Haven't seen a used Razor yet.
Either way the price points or close but I can't decide between them.

I'm leaning towards the Leopold VX6 1-6 for it's wide FOV and light weight.
Thanks for any help!
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