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Leupold Mark 6, DAGR or something else?

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Decisions, decisions. I've decided 'go big or go home' is in order as far as the optic I'm going to mount on my 17. I've looked around and was going to do something like KameronTKelly then stumbled across this Mark6/DAGR. I would really like to pull the trigger on this but would like thoughts from more wise forum members. I'm a greenhorn where distance shooting is concerned. I've worked over my AR15s with EXPS3 + 3x magnifier to 100 yards all day and haven't really reached further. With the 17 it doesn't seem right to stay in 100 yards. Furthermore I will be going hunting with a friend's group this fall.

What are the general thoughts on this scope combo? I like what it offers in terms of overall package, only real issue I have is weight.
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I like the Tremor 2 and the MSC2 turrets are lower but it is not illuminated. That isn't necessary especially when teamed with the T1 IMO. It is a bit tall even with the T1 at 12 or even when set to the 1-2 O'clock position. If I was piecing it together as above would consider the AMD Delta or Recon QD mount instead of the Leupold Mark 6. The Mark 6 mount is a great mount but is not a QD mount.
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