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I read this in my September issue:

On May 29, 2008, FNH USA signed an agreement with ATK Commercial Products for the exclusive distribution of the commercial 5.7x28 mm, SS197SR sporting ammunition (P/N 10700016) for the U. S. commercial market. All restricted military and law enforcement rounds will remain a product offering from FNH USA. As this issue went to press, this product became available from ATK, and it is sold and marketed under the FN brand name.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FNH USA, Commercial and Law Enforcement Division, Rick DeMilt, said, "FNH USA is pleased to partner with a major ammunition manufacturer and is certain that this relationship will broaden the availability of the 5.7x28 mm round in the U. S. sport shooting market."

Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ATK, Anthony Acitelli, added, "This unique cartridge is now showing promise in the U. S. commercial sport shooting market. With our sales and distribution leadership in the ammunition category that includes the Federal, CCI and Speer brands, we have the advantage of getting this round out on shelves in an efficient and widespread manner. We look forward to seeing its success."
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