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In Supreme Court rulings in recent years, gun-control laws have been defeated, but via precarious 5-4 votes. That means our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms hinges on a single vote. It means a constitutional right could be taken away by a liberal judge who thinks only certain parts of the Constitution are relevant.

In the News Tribune’s Sunday Opinion section of Dec. 8, a Northland judge, Mark Munger, had a lengthy diatribe published (“Let December tragedies bolster political will to end gun violence”). I felt the commentary showed a disdain for our Constitution. Munger seemed to forget he raised his right hand and swore to uphold the Constitution, not just the parts he likes.

Munger suggested that all gun transactions go through background checks. How? He wrote he has four sons. So let’s say he wants to leave a son a favorite rifle. Should he and his son have to go to a licensed gun dealer, pay a transfer fee and send in a form to the federal government for an “instant” background check (via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS) before the gun can be transferred? That’d be assuming his son passes the check. And what if there’s a glitch and a two-week hold is put on the transfer? That sometimes happens. Should his son have to wait on the federal government?

What if such a hold happened to someone in an abusive situation and during the wait he or she was killed? Would that be acceptable to Judge Munger?

In his commentary, Munger referred to the Bushmaster rifle as an assault rifle with “one purpose and one purpose only: combat.” Never mind that millions use rifles like the Bushmaster for self-defense and sport. Yes, many use them for hunting. As Munger wrote about the Bushmaster, one would think it was a Rambo-type, fully-automatic weapon when in reality it is nothing more than a semi-automatic: one pull of the trigger for one shot.

You could call any gun an assault weapon if it is used to assault you. I have a Ruger .22-caliber semiautomatic. If I took the wood stock off and replaced it with a skeleton stock it would meet the definition of an “assault weapon.”
How many mass shootings occur in gun-free zones? Unarmed, defenseless victims are prime targets.

Judge Munger’s column demonized the National Rifle Association, suggesting it wants us to have any type of weapon. That’s gibberish. I am in the NRA. So are my son and my wife. We in the NRA work within the law, but at the same time we work to protect our Second Amendment rights. We are law-abiding Americans who believe in our Constitution. We don’t pick and choose as Judge Munger seems to.

I would hate and would be scared to go before Judge Munger if I was arrested for giving my son my old Marlin 30-30 rifle.

Gun owners and even non-gun people should be afraid that a Judge Munger-type could be appointed for life to the Supreme Court. Such an appointment could turn 5-4 votes in support of our Constitution into 5-4 votes against our Constitution.

Read more: Local view: We?re one justice away from losing Second Amendment rights | Duluth News Tribune | Duluth, Minnesota

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And those appointments are made by the president. That should make you think, who will Obama put in if one of the justices retire or die? Do you think it would be a pro-constitution or anti? Keep that in mind as you go and vote, remembering that justice appointments are for LIFE!!!
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