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My wife had her monthly checkup (it's a boy) and I had some time to kill so me and the kid went looking for ammo.
Egads everywhere is cleaned out. Found .22 ammo but I have shloads of that.
I gave up after going into one shop. $44 for a box(20 rounds)of WWB 7.62x51
The last .45 ammo on that shelf was 165 gr hydra-shock(20 rounds) for $40
I was gonna say something but just looked at the $2300 AR's and left.

I am glad I bought it cheap and stacked it deep.

Speaking of ammo.
Seeing the 165 gr H-S got me thinking about a house mag.
It states low recoil, which is not an issue with me. But still has a muzzle velocity of over 1000 fps. Is it less recoil because the bullet is light?
Mine is packed with Remington GS 185 gr +p which is a healthy round that also has a pretty good flash to it.
As I live in a small place the less bang would be better, and at near dark a big ass fireball prolly won't be good for a follow up shot.

I may have to order some and try it out.
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