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Looking for opinions on Aimpoint red dots

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I am trying to decide between the T1 micro and the M4S. I have looked at all the specs. and am aware of the physical differences. Was just wondering if anyone here on the forum has real world experience with both and can tell me which they prefer and why.
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There is a visible difference in the clarity of the dot between the H1 and T1, which is why I have two T1s. Plus NVGs are on my list of toys to buy. I haven't seen the T2 yet, but it's supposed to be even better and crisper than the T1. This is only an issue if you have astigmatism. I have an Aimpoint pro as well. It actually is easier to see through. Better light transmission than the micros. What gun are putting it on? For a ps90 or vector I'd go micro. For full size AR or SCAR I'd choose the Aimpoint pro. It's a bargain and works perfect.
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