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Low mounting an optic...???

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Hi all, long time lurker but recent owner of a FS2000. Took it out to the range a few times and love it. I would like to mount a different red dot optic then the C more. Any suggestions of a mount that will work with either a Aimpoint or EOtech(I have two each!) that will be low enough for a good cheek weld as opposed to a "chin weld"? Thanks for any info!!! :p
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I have the LaRue LT-152 w/Aimpoint on my friend's FS2K and while it doesn't allow for cowitnessing it does provide superb cheekweld.
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I have an Aimpoint CompC with a low mount Aimpoint ring. It co-witnesses with the front sight, but the aperture on the rear flip sight is too small to use. The red dot burns through the sight and is all but useless.
An ARMS mfg Aimpoint throw-lever mount (without riser) will allow you to co-witness the iron sights w/the Aimpoint dot. I've got one on mine - it works great. The irons are zeroed @ 300yrds and the Aimpoint zeroed @ 100yrds. Irons are at the extreme 6 o'clock of the Aimpoint FOV, but you will be able to aquire a proper sight picture through the Aimpoint.
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