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lowest possible optics mount?

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Who makes an optics rail for the PS90 with the USG or White ghost ring sight that mounts the optic the lowest as possible?

I used to have a website saved to favorites that I think I found on here several months ago that would sit an aimpont real low on the rifle. but I cannot seem to find it now :oops:

Also while I am asking Who makes the larger charging handles for these things? I have seen them on a few guns but never on a manufacturers website.

Thanks for any help with this
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Make sure to read the PS90 FAQ:


Also - the lowest optic is a mount for a Trijicon or Aimpoint. Its not so much a rail, but a specific mount that will work with those 2 optics. If you want an actual optic rail - Critical Dimension's new optic rail with built in backup sights is the lowest optic rail I have seen....

The larger cocking knob info with the link to buy is here:

The larger knob is pricy but i found it to be worth it :?
I used the Trousa mount and I like the way it keeps the AimPoint low.

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Thanks for the help guys. :D I believe that Trousa mount is the one my boss was asking about today. I have the USG sight on my PS90 and have no intentions of changing it. I really like that sight.

I clicked on that second link Shipwreck and found a ton of usefull information actually it looked like the same page as the first link though.

Maybe I am just an idiot and did not see it but I could find no info on the large cocking handles?

Thanks again

is that a pic of you shooting the '90?
Yeah, that was the first range trip with the AimPoint on it.
If I had an aimpoint, I'd set it up like that. But, I like my EOtech too much. While it is sighted in at 50 yards, I can use the very bottom tip of the larger Eotech reticle, and I know where the gun hits at 7 yards or less.

So, for home defense, the EOtech works great.
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