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EDIT - M1Bullpup.Com is also the JULY "Sponsor of the Month" as well! Two months in a row for a great product!

We have picked our SECOND "Sponsor of the Month" here at FN Forum. This month - it is M1Bullpup.Com! He is the maker of the Rem 2, and his newest product is the REM3!

Below is a short statement about M1Bullpup.Com that Chris, the company owner, prepared:


The REM 2 was designed to fix a problem inherent in the P90/PS90 White Ring Sight. As you know, in certain light conditions you can’t see the Ghost Ring or the T-Bar.

The REM 2 illuminates the T-Bar of the White Ring Sight via the rear light collection well.

Go here to see what this baby can do. http://fnforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=5563

My name is Chris Roenker and I’m the sole owner/ operator/ employee of M1Bullpup.com. I invented and sell the REM 2.

I am a huge fan of gun designs and guns in general. My favorite rifle (before I fell in love with the PS90) was the M1 Carbine. I loved its simplicity and its history. I love the Bullpup design and always wondered why there was no Bullpup for the M1 Carbine. So I designed one (its still on paper) and I created a web site to show it off: www.M1bullpup.com .

Then I saw the PS90 and I had to get one! I loved everything about this beauty except the White Ring Sight. So in early 2006 I put the Bullpup design on hold and started playing around with ways to illuminate the Ring Sight. I worked on ways to illuminate the front light collector but found it too sensitive to light variations. It would wash out so you couldn’t see anything out of it.

I then focused on the rear light collector and eventually designed the Reticule Enhancement Module - the REM 1. It sat on top of the Ring Sight and it shown a light down into the light collector well. The design was simple, it only had an on/off switch.

In the fall of 2006, after a few people tried this out and gave me feedback on it pluses and minuses, I went back to the drawing board to improve the design. Thus the REM 2 was born!

The REM 2 is a more sophisticated design including 11 light settings – way more than on and off! I first approached Magazineparts.com to be the manufacturer of my new designed REM 2 and they were interested, but they were in the middle of huge growing pains and could not take on any more projects at that time. They are now carrying the REM 2 on their web site www.Magazineparts.com . I

looked around and found Monolith Arms www.Monolitharms.com and began working with them. It took all of 2007 to find the parts we needed to produce the REM 2 and to get production going. Our first shipments of the REM 2 started in January of 2008.

The REM 2 was designed to illuminate the T-Bar in low light settings and works as it was designed. However, I was still frustrated when I would go shooting on a bright sunny day and found I still had trouble seeing the Ghost Ring or T-Bar when aiming at a bright white background. Me, being a perfectionist and always trying to improve on designs and products, went back to my workbench to see if I could find a way to illuminate the T-Bar so I could see it against a sun-lit white background. I have succeeded.

Which brings me to this announcement - I am now producing the REM T3! It still has the same 11 light settings as the REM 2 but is now bright enough to use against bright white backgrounds. The LED housing has been widened to create a perfect friction fit so there is no longer any need to use double sided tape to help hold it in place. The REM T3 sits lower in the well area so you have a 100% FOV on the Ring Sight.

The REM T3 can be ordered in 5 different LED colors, Amber, Red, Green, Blue, and White.
They should be available in about 4 weeks and I will post an REM T3 section when I get them in. The price is $79.00 plus $5.00 shipping and packaging.


Here is a picture of the standard ring sight view.

Here is the REM T3 view.

Here are some pics of my workshop.
Work table

Disassembled Rheostats




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SURE DOES!!! i have been scheming about getting another '90 and using this....

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Things didn't work out in time for the July pick for "Sponsor of the Month." However, we're gonna keep M1Bullpup.Com and the REM3 around for 1 more month as "Sponsor of the Month" for July too!

So - go check out his REM attachment if you have a PS90 with a white ring sight!

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:shock: Thanks a lot Ship!!! I should have the LED housing with-in the next 2 weeks. That is the only thing holding us up. I have 150 units torn apart and Brian at Monolith has the main bodies ready to go. So once the LED housing shows up we will assemble and ship.

The first manufacturer that was making the LED housing mold never told us their machine crashed so the first 4 weeks were a waist. :roll: Brian found another manufacturer in New York to make the alluminum mold and that is what is due in the next week or two.

I know some of you have orders over 2 months old and I thank you for your patience but you won't have to wait much longer. :eek:

The new T3 ROCKS!!! All the employees at Monolith Arms have prototypes on their PS90s and they love them.

I'll let everyone know as soon as the LED housing arrives so hang in there! :D

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My "recently installed" REM2

Heya M1P90
Just have to tell you that I FINALLY got my REM2 installed last week (after having it for a year...I was sick...sorry man :( )
How FREAKIN' nice.
I took it out to the Pitcairn-Monroeville Sportsmans Clup shoot last weekend and shot it as well as a few other folks who kept droolin on it (thank God for my Weapon Shield CLP...lol).
What an awesome improvement in my reticle sight pic.
Gratz on a real winner my friend. NOW...if the REM3 is any better (significantly) I think Ima cry :( ....naw...I'd still be happy as a puppy in piss.
The ONLY think I changed:
That lil' ol' piece of double sided tape just didn't cut it.
The night after I shot it, I mixed up a wee bit of JB Weld and TOTALLY fixed the scenario. Rock on rigid, now!!
Thanks again man, for a product that makes me love my PS-90 even more. :) 8)
Best regards,
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