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Mag issue

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OK guys...this is probably covered somewhere else, but i'm too lazy to find it. I have used steel AR mags for my FS2K...and have changed out the followers to Magpul anti-tilt. I'm having some feeding issues with them, one mag inparticular....when I got back from the range I stripped and reloaded it, and it was giving me hell...the rounds wouldn't stagger properly. Had to keep shoving them all down to reset the rack.

My question is....is it a bad mag, do I need to spray graphite in the mag, or should I trash my used mags and order new ones.

Little help here would be appreciated.


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Just a thought, could you possibly have put the follower in backwards? I'm not sure it's even possible to do that but figured if so it might be a factor if bullets are not staggering properly.
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