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Magazine coming unlatched during shooting?

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Has this happened to anyone else? I've shot my Five Seven a good number of rounds, but yesterday, at the range, I started running into a problem where, as I shot, the magazine started working its way down, causing one jam, but mostly just enough that it was too low to lock the slide back after the last round.

I looked at the magazine release spring and it seems to look just fine and pulling on the magazine doesn't cause it to come loose.

I kept wondering if it was because of my grip, but I shot it with my strong hand and it still did it.

The only thing that was different was I may have had too much G-96 left in the gun after my last cleaning. Other than that,. . . . .oh, and a Hogue slip on (which doesn't touch the mag release), everything else is the same.

I was shooting 197.
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Took the Five Seven out to the range again, last night, and it happened once out of 30 rounds. :-?

I suppose I should shoot 100 rounds (of expensive ammo) to see if it happens more.
bike595 said:
call CS they should be able to tell you
I've never heard of anyone on this site mentioning that before. As the mag and the mag release are plastic - maybe you have something that cracked or wore away or something...
I really haven't put that many rounds through it that would warrent anything being worn out or cracked, though.

I've not had the problem.
Like Shipwreck I would expect that the mag is at fault. It's either the notch in the mag, the lug on gray plastic release piece, or the spring. Right?
Try using a different mag and see if it happens
Okay, I'll take it to the range on Thursday.
Mine has the black followers.
Okay, I took the magazine release out and discovered this:

It would appear that I should call FN and have them send me another one. I don't understand it because I haven't really used it all that much. Fortunately, this is something that I can replace on my own, so I didn't have to spend the money for it to have an airplane ride. :D
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glad you've solved the mystery. In the mean time do you think it would work if you reversed the release?- the other side doesn't look worn.

Also, how many rounds have you put through?
Yeah, I bet it would work to do that, I'm afraid to pull that pin out completely, I lost my spring pulling tool, and it [the spring] would definitely need to be put in. Plus, I'm not sure how well I'd like the magazine release on the right side of the pistol.

I haven't fired it all that much. Probably less than 500 rounds, . . . . .rather expensive ammo.
I just got off the phone with an FNH rep, and a new magazine catch is being sent to my home address. A very nice guy that I talked to, very helpful and pleasant to deal with! :?
That's a good tidbit of knowledge, sorry you had to go through a bit of trouble, but we can all learn from it.
I received the new magazine release in today's mail, installed it, and all is right with the world, now.

I'll probably still take it out to test it at the range on Thursday.
Ill keep my fingers crossed for ya...a range report will be necessary :?
Bad mag release, makes bad mags

Hi Orion,
I went thru this about a year ago and like you, I thought it was me.
The problem with the mag catch was the reason I was able to buy the 57 from the prior owner so cheaply.
Bang, Bang, out drops the mag.
My mag release looked just like yours.
So I bought a new mag release.
Then about four months ago I found out the original mag release had damaged my two normal carry mags and they were starting to mess up the new mag release.
I called Bob Ailes and he sent me a new mag release and swapped me two mags.
3000 rounds and so far everythings cool.
BTW, two thing you may or may not know.
1) You don't need to completely remove the mag release retaining spring (only slide it up halfway) unless you're flipping the mag release to the other side.
2) If you get a damaged mag release, you can flip it from left side to right side and it works like a new one, just on the un-normal side.

Hope some of this helps someone.

BTW, here's some helpful info:
part number catch B5157H2270 catch $1.08 ea
part number spring B5157h2280 spring $0.75ea

Ship 6.50 to Colorado

#1 Browning Place
Arnold MO 63010
Attn: Rita Robertson ext 267

BTW, Rita is a really nice lady who works in their un-airconditioned warehouse and is great to work with. Really nice gal!

Best regards to all,
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I have turned my old one over to the other side. I noticed the new one was just barely starting to look that way. FN really needs to come out with a more robust magazine release!! It will be ridiculous to keep changing them out all the time. By no means, however, does that mean I will sell this pistol. Far too valuable.

Thanks for your input!
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