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Took my PS90 out to the range today. I received the Magazine Parts brass catcher yesterday evening, so I took it along with me.

It works GREAT! It is also available at a cheaper price than the official FN one.

For once, it was SO, SO nice not to have to bend down and pick up the brass one by one as I am sitting on a bench. Or, when shooting from a standing position closer to the target, I didn't have to pick thru the grass.

If only there was one for the Five Seven handgun now :x

This is worth getting. When it filled up, I just unzipped the bottom and poured the brass into another container. Rezip it, and you are good to go again.


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ick said:
Where the heck is my brass catcher? I am still waiting.
I think I owe these guys an apology. I thought I ordered this item and was waiting arrival. It seemed like such a long time I thought they left me down.

I looked everywhere and could not find documentation of my order in paypal or otherwise. I must have never clicked on "complete order" or something.

So I never ordered it. My bad. I completed the order now though. I eagerly await the bag that is going to keep my shirt from getting all black with burnt powder.
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