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When I bought my PS90 in Dec 06, I bought the Optic rail and two extended side rails from Magazine Parts. I was impressed with their rails. In fact, I install the rails before my first trip to the range (I had already shot two PS90's with stock sights).

The main optic rail is the lowest aftermarket rail I've seen. Although, honestly, all this concern about getting the "lowest," is really much ado about nothing.

Anyway, after removing the stock sight, the optic rail installed perfectly. And, although Magazine Parts reportedly had initial problems with the optic rail being out of spec, it seems that this issue has been resolved. My rail fit perfectly straight.

Also, each side optic rail installed very easily too. I used the nylon washers they provided, so I wouldn't scratch up the receiver. However, metal spacers/washers are also provided. One can choose to install the pair that they want.

Before ordering my mounting rails, I research the factory ones, these, and several others. I chose the rails from Magazine Parts because people overwhelmingly were satisfied with them, and they had a very good price.

Here is their site if anyone is interested in their mounting rails:


And, here is a pic of my rails with my equipment installed...

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