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I just got one of these this week and for the $ it is a great sight tool.
I do have the factory FN Sight Tool also but I mainly got that one so that I can have a "FN" sight tool.
But for the money and convenience this is a much better tool than the FN tool.
Now I'm not sure if you are suppose to use it a certain way when assembled but I used it just like I do the "FN" tool, in separate pieces.
Its just easier for me to use each piece individually.
Also, I didn't use the string either. I didn't have a use for it other than keeping the allen wrench from getting lost.

Key Points:
1) About half the price of the "FN" tool
2) Smaller than the FN tool so that it will fit into the butt stock compartment of your PS90 (FN tool will not fit)
3) Did I mention it will fit into the PS90 stock? :wink:


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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