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Man Kills Ex-Wife, Self at Mall Near St. Louis

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Police say two people are dead after a recently divorced man shot and killed his ex-wife inside a St. Louis-area shopping mall, then turned the gun on himself.

The murder-suicide happened near the Sears store on the lower level of the Jamestown Mall in Florissant, Mo.

An eyewitness store owner told FOX News that there was no sign of any yelling or shouting before he heard the gunshots ring out. He saw a man shoot a woman he knows and then turn the revolver on himself.

"I didn't hear any yelling — no loud talking or anything," said Marwin Adair, who said he didn't recognize the man. "I heard pow, pow! He wasn't really looking angry or crazy or anything like that. It's a big shock."

The St. Louis County medical examiner arrived on the scene just before 3 p.m. EDT, FOX News learned.

"We got several calls, obviously," St. Louis County spokeswoman Tracy Panus told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. When authorities got to the mall, they found that a man and a woman had been shot, Panus said.

The shooter was 49 and his ex-wife was 47, but their names had not been released, Panus said, adding they both lived in the nearby suburb of Hazelwood and had been married more than 20 years with grown children before recently divorcing.

The motive wasn't immediately known.

Panus said the shooting happened at 12:43 p.m. No one else was hurt, but the mall was evacuated.

Marcus Gwynn, 21, who works at Radio Shack, said he was walking into the mall to begin his shift when he heard four shots.

"I seen a lady on the ground face-down, then he sits on the ground and shot himself in the head," said Gwynn, who described both as black and in their mid-40s.

Deborah and Michael Mingo said they were shopping at Sears when they heard several shots. She asked a clerk about the noise and was told it was likely construction. But a short time later, people in the store were telling them to get out, Deborah Mingo said.

Kim Bell, 44, of Florissant, raced to the mall with her young granddaughter in tow to check on the welfare of her daughter, who works at a store in the mall.

"I'm always in the mall on my days off," Bell said. "Thank God I had to work today."

It wasn't clear when the mall would reopen. Police tape was wrapped around the food court entrance, which was near the scene of the shooting. A cinema in the mall was also closed — people who were watching afternoon matinees were told to leave.

Jamestown Mall is in far northern St. Louis County and includes about 60 stores and restaurants.


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My sister in-law worked at this mall up until about a year ago. She said they get a lot of rif raf from north St.Louis.
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