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Agree with everything Ship recommended or stated.

I really think I want my own optics, wouldnt the tri-rail be the way to go? if I go with the USG black sight can I remove it and have a rail for mounting my own optics on it? it doesnt look like I can.

At best I am thinking this is a 50yd gun tops, I know it was designed for CQC and isnt intended for far ranges. Is it really more of a novelty gun?
On these two issues, here are my thoughts. If you are 100% sure that you are going to put an aftermarket sight on it, than get the Tri-rail. If not, then yes the USG black sight can be removed and there are options for mounting other sights.

As for the 50yards tops issue, the weapon was designed for accuracy up to 200 meters for non front line troops that normally are issued a M9 pistol. For a comparison, think of it like a modern day M1 carbine.
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