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I really think I want my own optics, wouldnt the tri-rail be the way to go? if I go with the USG black sight can I remove it and have a rail for mounting my own optics on it? it doesnt look like I can.
Depending on where you make your purchase the ring sight model + rails + REM2 can be less than the cost of the tri-rail. If I get a second PS90 I may consider the tr-rail but more likely due to pricing and availability I'd get the same white ring model and then either add a REM2 or replace the sight with a rail and aftermarket sight. Lots of good options out there.

At best I am thinking this is a 50yd gun tops, I know it was designed for CQC and isnt intended for far ranges. Is it really more of a novelty gun?
Many definitions of CQC include out to 300 yards. I believe the PS-90 was designed for use under 200 yards and the available civilian ammo is good out to about 150 yards.

is there any issues of note?
All reflex sights that rely only on available light have trouble in some lighting conditions. The ring sights that come with the PS90 are worse than most but something like the REM2 can mitigate this. There are lots of better sight options out there thats for sure. A reflex sight with fiber optics AND electrical illumination is best IMHO. Electrical only can be very clear and bright and last a long time but eventually you are going to encounter a dead battery.

The 5.7 round gets mixed reviews. If you expect it to perform like a rifle round you'll likely be disappointed. If you are looking for something more like a pistol caliber carbine performance, you'll likely be fine.

what is the latest word on the available ammo, I had read there was much opposition to this firearm and the 5.7x28 and it was soon to be off the market.
Latest pricing and availability is similar to 223. But thats only because 223 is scarce these days so harder to get and more expensive than usual. $20/50 rounds is similar to most pistol ammo these days so if you think of it that way and shoot it that way there is nothing wrong with 5.7 unless the new government decides to ban its import.

how reliable is the firearm?
Maintenance interval can be as much as 2000 rounds. The design is very robust and with the one I have I've never had any type of malfunction. I have heard occasional reports of jamming issue seemingly related to dirty mags but I have not encountered this.

I know its a ong list but i am really on the fence with this, I dont know if i want to spend the money on this if is just a novelty item, I can always get another ak or ar in place of it. is the scar being released to general public?
I don't think this is a novelty item but its expensive, proprietary, and of limited use. If your use corresponds to its strengths it can be worth it. I think if it as a pistol caliber carbine with a fantastic design and form factor and some benefits in penetration and trajectory over more conventional pistol calibers.
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