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PS90 Ammo - I need the experts help!!!

You have exactly the same concerns I do about the PS90. I have been on the fence for days about purchasing the PS90 because of the ammo. I love the look and size of the gun. I am comfortable with the ballistic performance but I can find only one other gun out there (besides the 5-7) that fires this round. It's like buying a car that runs on special, one-of-a-kind fuel. Will it be around next year? Will the ammo cost shoot up because there is very little competition on the market?

I want so badly to hear "Don't worry, this ammo is common now and probably won't be banned" but I am not hearing that.
I was ready to "pull the trigger" and get one of these today (since I looked at it last night first hand) but I can't get over the ammo issue. I hate to say I am considering the "other" gun just because of my concerns about the ammo.

I have been reading non-stop about the PS90 and I want one!!! - BUT - is it too risky. If the ammo becomes unavailable, the gun will be worthless. Are other manufacturers using this roundof which I am unaware?

With the wealth of knowledge on this board (which I greatly respect) others must have the same concerns. I am very anxious to hear your feedback.
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