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I had been kicking this idea around for a bit and figured I'd ask for some feed back out of curiosity.

Anyway, I was thinking about how light and compact the 5.7x28mm round is and how low the recoil was.

I was wondering if a heavier platform set up to fire the 5.7 at a fairly high rate, think around 2000 RPM, could be a fairly effective CQB weapon.

I guess the idea is as a belt, or drum feed machine gun you'd effectively have a laser pointer out to 150-200 yards, only it'd be a stream of bullets instead of photons. In the ammo tray weight used on the 7.62mm SAWs you could have 500+ of rounds of 5.7mm. What kind of barrel burn down resistance a heavier weapon would have using such a small round I couldn't guess.

A mini-gun like bullet hose, but in a platform a man could carry in place of the 7.62mm class LMGs.

Maybe a bad idea, but I at least imagine it'd have its uses.

I've also always wondered why they didn't try making shot shells for the 30mm guns on Apaches when they will be engaging nothing but foot soldiers like most of the fighting in Iraq. A 30mm shot shell could be loaded with several .50 shot pellets,... nasty..
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