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Maybe in Kangaroo land...

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I'm sure it would great for someone but...

I can't see using this in Houston. I don't need to make my titties bigger or store my gun in a sweaty arm pit. :evil: :-D :-D :-D


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That bra is defective, it only has one strap :-D
Is that in the Victoria's Secret catalog? :x :x :x
No, Victors Secret. :evil:
Is that a Bro or a Mansiere?
I've dated women who wouldn't push that thing out that much.

that is the lamest looking holster I have ever seen. You woud have to unbutton your shirt to get to the gun
Look at the grin on his face and the placement of the hand opposite the holster. Is he playing a little pocket pool? :-D
I think that's more of a "I can't wait til this photo shoot is done so I can go home and kill myself" look.
TA, Does that outfit come with a thong? :-D
This guy looks like a pole smoker! :evil:
Hahaha... I think his jock strap may be a litle too tight.
It looks like an awkward man-bra with a gun jammed in it. :-D
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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