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I came across the article about research the Democrats have done into election campaigns and where to apply resources. It was used extensively in the last Presidential election, and I am already seeing this being applied (solely by the dems) where I live for the upcoming elections.

The article is long, but for those of you who volunteer or work for political campaigns, this might be an interesting (but long) read:


The gist of it is that TV ads has been seen as the way to go and where millions were spent, but measuring how effective they are is almost impossible while personal outreach (like knocking on doors) is more measurable. It doesn't mean that TV ads are not effective, just that there is really no way to know, but that it is known that knocking on doors does work.

Combine this with http://fnforum.net/forums/2nd-amendment-general-gun-news/56255-becoming-neighborhood-precinct-committee-member.html for ensuring principled candidates, and gun owners might survive another generation.
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