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Mid range team drill Scar 17S, Surefire Socom cam

We did a quick drill engaging steel targets from 210 yards out 630 yards. The closer targets were half scale ipsc targets and at 630 they were full scale, wind was very mild at about 3mph...

I am running some hand loads with the Hornady 178gr and RL15 going about 2380fps. The cam is a Surefire 30cal Socom, it increased speed from my regular load to about 20fps with a really small POI shift. Scope is 1x4 power with a MilDot reticle. I just purchased the new Night Force 4x16x42 F1 with H59 today. I will report more later this month.

It is my favorite rifle and my go to gun as it is always ready.

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