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I didn't even know you made complete rifles until I stumbled across one of your 300Blk pistols at my LGS which id a 10.5" barrel 300 blackout. I am thanking you because I ran the crap out of this thing for the last two weeks and havent has a single issue of any kind. No malfunctions. I ran mostly Gemtech 187gr subs and 100 Remington 220 subs. It cycled every single one of them. It is easily the most fun short range (inside of 100 yards) gun I own. I wouldn't hesitate to rely upon it with my life. I ran it with a saker 762 and with no supressor at all and it nothing could stop it. Thanks guys! Excellent work! I would reccomend your products to anyone who asks.

edited to add the accuracy was very suprising. On my ar500 12" silhouette my splashes were touching (5 round groups). Simply outstanding.

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