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Took a request from some Top Tier friends inquiring on a rail for the Tavor that allows a rock solid mount for a VFG. A quick search found a solution - the Midwest Industries M-Lock rail. Checked fitment prior to forwarding the units and it was spot on. Solid product and anybody looking to run a VFG on the Tavor for CQC work to maintain weapon retention and allow added leverage when the need to muzzle somebody arises should look at the Midwest Industries M-Lock rail for the Tavor.

Recommended the M-Lock over the Keymod as viewing the Keymod slot design orientation being backward. The release hole on the Keymod is placed at the rear of the slot and driving the muzzle against an adversary would apply pressure rearward, toward the release hole. Same physics apply when drawing the weapon to the shoulder - the force is applied rearward.

While examining the weapon, these are in sore need of the Geissele Super Sabra trigger. Unlike the FS2K trigger, which is good to go from FN, the Tavor needs some help.


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