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Might be picking up FNP today

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No work for 3 days...just got uncle sam money back..want to buy an FNP -45. I have called a few local shops, but nobody has it. Bass pro had FNP9 and FNP 40 call, and a fiveseven!..but no .357 SIG or .45ACP FNP. IS this firearm even ready and on the market?


oh and im the noob around here, Glock/Ruger/Colt/various AK 47 owner. Looking foward to adding FN to my collection

oh one last thing, will be also picking up a Light for the FNP, will a streamligth TRR1 work? my local shop has one for 89 bucks.
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Hope you get your new toy. And Welcome!
might settle for 40 cal.. no go on any local dealer. master shooters will order one for me, but will take 3 [email protected] bucks..forget that.

and thanks!

where can one find extra mags for FNP? I have googled but had no luck..
might settle for 40 cal.. no go on any local dealer. master shooters will order one for me, but will take 3 [email protected] bucks..forget that.

and thanks!
If you do settle on the .40 don't forget to send in for your shooters pack. I think they extended the offer to August.
where can one find extra mags for FNP? I have googled but had no luck..
Midway and Topgun supply.

Soon, the 15rnd .45 mags will be available. I'd wait for those.
welp caved in on the 40 cal two tone, amazing gun! I just got it home, will strip it down and give it a good cleaning for the range tommrow. Bought 500 round UMC for 130 bucks along with a few other odds and ends. Bass pro got me into their credit car, with 10% off everything..so need to pay this bad boy off quick. Not one for credit cards..but said what the heck

will get some pics up and let yall know how it went tommrow
Been up tonite, cleaned the gun. I notice my gun sat for a year, test fire was 6/07/2007 Lot's of grit in the bore, cleaned all the gunk with EEzox and hoppes. I have read a few problems on here and the other fiveseven forums about small slide peening on early production FNP 40's. I did notice i do have a slight dent under the P from racking the slide. Is this something I should be concerned with? I read a bunch of guys complaining about this. To me it seem's like normal wear I will find out tommrow, hopefully all will go well..I have full confidence in this new gun. It feels like a tank in the hand
The under 'P' scraping is normal on some 9's and most if not all 40's. Most owners report that it stops after the first 200 rounds or so and doesn't go further. It won't affect the function of the weapon whatsoever, just a cosmetic deal. If it totally bothers you, I've seen threads here where FN has replaced the slide for folks. Mine has the issue and it doesn't bother me as it's hardly noticeable from the outside of the slide, and even less noticeable on the stainless slides.
Ok back from range today, got about 60 rounds down range and the rear retaining pin that hold's the hammer housing in place was sticking about ¼ in. out on the left side of the frame.

To say the least i was bit peeved, Ive owned several handguns of various makes and never had anything like this happen in break in, sure sometimes a sight moght come loose, or FTF's etc..but nothing in the major assembly just's goes poof!

I called the rangemaster/gunsmith in and he was able to get it popped in after we talked for a bit. I will be putting another 100 or more rounds down the barrel and if it happens again, they will ship it to FN free of charge.

So no biggie, just kinda of strange..**** happens though, but you would think FN's QC would have caught a loose pin like that
That's an interesting phenomenon that I haven't seen yet. If it does end up happening again, FN will make it right.
went to the range after work, put 100 down range, pin popped out again. This gun is going back to FN.

I would def not want to carry this, if the hammer retainer pin is slipping out like this.

what the hell could this issue be? ugh. Im sure they will fix me up. I need to try and give them a call tommrow, I will also mention that it does shoot a tad low aswell, i tried aiming high at the 7 ring..and was able to hit near center..likewise if shooting for the bullseye, i get perfect groups below..at only 15 yards. Im not expert marksman, but I think this gun is just a lemon. I will report back and let people know if the fixed/replaced pistol is fixed.
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