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Missouri: De-facto Gun Owner Registry Legislation Moving In Missouri Senate! Call Your Senators NOW!

Last night, during debate on Senate Bill 613, anti-gun Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D-5) was able to attach an anti-gun provision to SB 613. As previously reported, this anti-gun language was introduced as legislation in January that was originally contained in Senate Bill 556 and Senate Bill 565, both sponsored by Senator Nasheed. This modified anti-gun language would require every person to report the theft of a firearm they possess to a local law enforcement agency. Any missing firearm must be reported within 72 hours of the time he or she knew or “reasonably should have known” that the firearm had been stolen.

Those who are unable to report a lost or stolen firearm within this arbitrary amount of time, would be subject to penalties including: a $1,000 fine, Class A misdemeanor and the loss of their Right to Carry Permit. Victims of gun theft should not be punished further by being prosecuted for such a “crime.” Police resources should be focused on finding the real criminals responsible, not further victimizing those who have had not only their belongings stolen, but their sense of security and privacy as well.

Your NRA-ILA has opposed this anti-gun legislation nationally for years. It seeks to create a de-facto gun owner registry as well as place unknown civil liabilities on the gun owner. Law-abiding gun owners should not be made a victim twice.

Action on this legislation is expected IMMEDIATELY in the Missouri Senate.

Please call your state Senator NOW and urge them to vote “NO” on SB 613. Contact information for your state Senator can be found here or below.

Missouri Senate:
Senator Dan Brown (R-16)
(573) 751-5713

Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D-14)
(573) 751-4106

Senator Mike Cunningham (R-33)
(573) 751-1882

Senator S. Kiki Curls (D-9)
(573) 751-3158

Senator Tom Dempsey (R-23)
(573) 751-1141

Senator Bob Dixon (R-30)
(573) 751-2583

Senator Ed Emery (R-31)
(573) 751-2108

Senator Jason Holsman (D-7)
(573) 751-6607

Senator Jolie Justus (D-10)
(573) 751-2788

Senator Joseph Keaveny (D-4)
(573) 751-3599

Senator Mike Kehoe (R-6)
(573) 751-2076

Senator Will Kraus (R-
(573) 751-1464

Senator Brad Lager (R-12)
(573) 751-1415

Senator John T. Lamping (R-24)
(573) 751-2514

Senator Paul LeVota (D-11)
(573) 751-3074

Senator Doug Libla (R-25)
(573) 751-4843

Senator Brian Munzlinger (R-1
(573) 751-7985

Senator Jamilah Nasheed (D-5)
(573) 751-4415

Senator Brian Nieves (R-26)
(573) 751-3678

Senator Mike Parson (R-2
(573) 751-8793

Senator David Pearce (R-21)
(573) 751-2272

Senator Ron Richard (R-32)
(573) 751-2173

Senator Gary Romine (R-3)
(573) 751-4008

Senator Scott Rupp (R-2)
(573) 751-1282

Senator David Sater (R-29)
(573) 751-1480

Senator Rob Schaaf (R-34)
(573) 751-2183

Senator Kurt Schaefer (R-19)
(573) 751-3931

Senator Eric Schmitt (R-15)
(573) 751-2853

Senator Scott Sifton (D-1)
(573) 751-0220

Senator Ryan Silvey (R-17)
(573) 751-5282

Senator Wayne Wallingford (R-27)
(573) 751-2459

Senator Gina Walsh (D-13)
(573) 751-2420

Senator Jay Wasson (R-20)
(573) 751-1503

NRA-ILA | Missouri De-facto Gun Owner Registry Legislation Moving In Missouri Senate Call Your Senators NOW

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This is the NRA Crying wolf. I have been following this bill for some time. All the Amendment that Nasheed put forth said that once a person notices a gun was stolen they should report it within 72 hours. THERE IS NOT PENALTY if you do not. There are no fines or registration involved. What they are referring to is another bill she put forth that contains all the negative aspects but it is NOT IN SB613. This is the first time I have really split off from the NRA because it is a flat out lie. I am disappointed in them for tying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes. The bill is a good bill. I am not sure why they are freaking out about a do nothing amendment. Nieves allowed Nasheed to put forth the amendment to make it more palatable to the democrats. But it really has no teeth to it.

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But that last section is little like cancer. Left in the bill it has the potential to become destructive down the road. I'm letting my senator know my concerns.

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Big Muddy, everything has the potential to be changed. I don't see any good reason to torpedo a good bill because of a non issue. I don't really see a problem with a REQUEST to report when your gun I stolen within 72 hours when you REALIZE it has been stolen not when it was actually stolen. The NRA are being boneheaded idiots in this particular case.

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I don't get it, perhaps it just goes over my head? Would it be reasonable to assume that a detained criminal in possession of a firearm would be arrested and the said firearm be confiscated whether stolen or not! I believe the real issue here is that the nature of a legislature is to legislate regardless of proper government objective. Instead of developing redundant new regulations, they should be reviewing and annulling the countless numbers of useless restrictions that impede liberty, while reevaluating the effectiveness of lenient penalization for violating fundamental statutes. The law in question posted by the OP would only have usefullness in conjunction with a firearm registeration, otherwise it is just an attempt to implement an agenda by proxy.

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Just a stupid law, the persons who are law biding will report a theft of their property. The only ones who do not report the theft of their guns are the ones who cannot legally have one and they are probably stolen already. This is yet another law that appears innocent but will have tack on amendments and fines later on down the road.

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Trouble Brewing in MissouriThey are trying to pass a nullification bill in Missouri, the only trouble is that an unfriendly lawmaker is moving to attach a “Lost and Stolen” provision to it. Even worse the sponsor of the nullification bill isn’t filling me with confidence. NRA is trying to kill it:
Nieves told reporters the NRA has not spoken to him and that it does not matter to him what they say about the bill. He said he did not know what Nasheed’s amendment would mean for the bill’s chances. His own opinion about the reporting requirement was ambivalent.
“I can live with it. I wouldn’t raise it on a flag pole and say it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen but I can live with it,” Nieves said.
Your nullification bill is nearly useless, yet you’re going to let real control just cruise through along with it? In exchange for a bill that is purely symbolic political posturing, Rep. Nieves is going to impose real gun control onto Missouri gun owners? Really? The GOP really is the stupid party.
h/t SWAT magazine.

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NRA untruthful, says pro-gun Senator (AUDIO)

February 14, 2014 By Bob Priddy

A leading National Rifle Association supporter in the state senate accuses the NRA of lying about part of his pro-gun bill. But the NRA appears to be taking its time backing away from its claims.

The NRA has put out a members alert with the headline “Defacto Gun Owner Registration Legislation Moving in Missouri Senate! Call your Senators NOW!

Senator Brian Nieves of Washington believes Missouri should be able choose which federal gun laws and regulations it will follow. But one brief amendment has led to that exclamation-pointed alert. “This document is riddled with absolute untruths,” he says.

Nieves notes the amendment requires only the reporting within 72 hours of any stolen guns. No penalties are created by the amendment, as the NRA claims, and no registration list is created by it.. Amendment sponsor Jamilla Nasheed of St. Louis calls the “gun owner registration” claim “a myth,” and says the real issue is bigger than her amendment. She says the NRA never supported Nieves’ bill when it was heard in committee. She thinks the association is just trying to use her amendment as the scapegoat in urging senators to vote against the bill.

Nieves says he will honor the agreement he and Nasheed made to put the amendment on the bill. He says he will not support any effort in the Senate to peel it off before the final passage vote. But he also makes it clear that he will not fight to put the amendment back into the bill if the House takes it out.

Nieves and Nasheed, who are poles apart politically, both have asked the NRA to retract its statement and correct the misunderstanding the statement has caused. The NRA, which rushed to post the alert after Tuesday night’s vote, still had it on its webpage long after Nieves had closed his Capitol office yesterday afternoon.

NRA untruthful, says pro-gun Senator (AUDIO)
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