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I was recently gifted/inherited a model 98 FN Mauser and want to definitively identify what I have. After spending more hours than I care to admit scouring the internet, I believe I have it figured out. Amazingly, though this rifle really isn't that old, good information is hard to find and decipher. I believe I have the non-engraved version of the deluxe sporter in .270 Winchester, manufactured between 1950-52. I am hoping this can either be confirmed or I can be told what it actually is if I am wrong.
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The following I believe to be true and is what got me to this conclusion:
  • The star over X proof mark indicates 1937-1964 for manufacture. This i know is true.
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  • The wing safety is mounted on the bolt itself. I believe this was phased out in the later 1950's in favor of the sliding safety mounted on the tang. I believe the tang safety was a characteristic of the Supreme magnum.
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  • The pearly embellishment at the bottom of pistol grip checkering was used on the Deluxe version and not on the Supreme magnum.
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  • The FN logo on the receiver was phased out in the mid-1950's. The receiver is also not drilled and tapped, which would have been more likely in the later years.
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  • The rifle includes an Armstrong dual range rear sight. I don't believe this was offered on the Supreme magnum.
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  • There are several FN date codes stamped throughout the receiver, action, and trigger. These are the number in a box codes. On the underside of the bolt and the trigger there is a '1' in a box. On the receiver there are three marks that confuse me, they are: what is either a '0' in a box or a poorly stamped delta, the Belgian date code for 1951; and a number in a box that appears to be a 1 on top of a 2 or a 1 on top of a delta.
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  • This last picture is from under the floor plate and appears to be a backwards capital gamma, the Belgian code for 1950, but I couldn't tell you why they would stamp it backwards.
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I can post more pictures if needed, but I am limited to 10. Any help is appreciated to nail down the model, the year of manufacture, and an approximate value for insurance reasons. Thanks for looking.
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