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I bought a Dentrinity Tri-Rail around January (few weeks after I got my PS90) and once I figured out that a lot of material had to be removed, I tossed it aside. Just today, I decided to remove more material and align it (some free time was available).

I noticed that it relies on the rear screw to level the rail (elevation). I only have a grinder on hand so I went to work, cutting some pieces off, shaving the sides, and opening up the forward screw mount hole.

The rail does not have a windage or elevation offset! I got tired of waiting for FN's USG rail to become in stock, and the PS90 isn't a target rifle, so this setup will suffice unless it snaps in half (I don't see how it could do that with the recoil impulse less than that of 9mm Luger).

I just have to add paint and I'll be all set. There are some great aftermarket rails available but I'll just make do with this.

BTW the hold-over with an EOTech is 5" using this rail. I have to use a semi chin weld which is very comfortable for this type of weapon.
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