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James Jaeger of Matrix Entertainment, with Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. and Oath Keeperswould like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2014 by offering James Jaeger's latest movie to one and all for free viewing on the Internet this week.

The movie, “MOLON LABE: How The Second Amendment Guarantees America's Freedom“, is James' sixth in his series on Constitutional issues, and this one promises to be his most controversial ever. SPOiLER raised eyebrows, and Cultural Marxism got out there nicely, but recall, when James produced FIAT EMPIRE as his tribute to G. Edward Griffin's remarkable book on the Federal Reserve, “The Creature From Jekyll Island“, the movie won awards and took over five million downloads. It was viral in the 2007/2008 election cycle as the Tea Party came aware of the book through James' movie.

But MOLON LABE is a big step forward from figuring out about the criminality inherent in the Federal Reserve System – this film is devoted to the Constitutional Militia of the several States. It is competing for best picture of our time because it resurrects the People's power of the sword, their Constitutional duty and civic obligation to participate in their State and/or County Militia, duly registered at the State and County government levels. The movie MOLON LABE lays bare all arguments against the Militia and reveals how the American people have been seduced out of a great power, a power of the sword which when fully reinstated shall manifest the salvation of American culture and self-governance.

That is a pretty bold boast, but I say that not as a boast, but as a Constitutional fact. The details are in the movie. If you've not seen it, here is your chance to screen it for free and decide for yourself whether we the people are required by the highest law of the land to form and regulate our Militia of the several States. The movie will hint about how every citizen with only a very few exceptions are fully required by our Constitution to participate in the Militia and it further throws light on the fact that not everyone in the Militia will be “infantrymen” – your local Militia will include all workers in all trades, skills, and professions; your school teachers, your city/town water works specialists, your highway system maintenance officers, business owners, Deputies and policemen, truckers and nurses and communications experts, etc. etc. Everyone.

Read and see more: Happy New Year! MOLON LABE Online For Free Viewing until January 6, 2014! | Tea Party

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