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all of this nonsense going on, and important things to worry about...but NO..., just continuation of trying to push anti2A and antigun policies and agenda...
funny...I get no reply from these guys..............even the so-called poll is bunko, as it has a slant...
"Immigration Reform" to these bums means in english "All Illegal Freeloaders Welcome"

nowhere in the letter or list did I see.. "Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America"

here is what form letter he sent me

Dear Mr. Cz,
As 2013 draws to a close, I would appreciate input on the top issues facing eastern Connecticut. I have always formulated my priorities in Congress while listening to my constituents in Connecticut, and I look forward to your thoughts on priorities for Congress in 2014.

Congress has a long "to-do" list next year. What should be at the top?
Immigration reform
Comprehensive budget
Job creation
Farm Bill
Connecticut was hit hard by the recession, but is starting to bounce back. What can Congress do to support economic growth?
Tax reform
Increase the minimum wage
Strengthen equal pay laws for women
Pass a comprehensive budget that ends "sequestration"

If you are having trouble viewing this survey, please click here
*By responding to this survey, you are opting to receive Congressman Courtney’s weekly e-newsletter.
Having the benefit of your input helps me to better advocate for our state in Washington. As always, feel free to send me an email to share your views on these or other issues.


Joe Courtney
Member of Congress
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