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More on sighting it in.

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Sunday afternoon at the range and still playing with the FNH C-More red dot sight. Started out from the prone supported shooting at a 25yd zero target. First couple of 3rd shot groups were tight but a good 24-30 inches low and to the right. A couple shot groups later and they were at the level of the bull but still way right. More adjustments and still way right. A couple using only the iron sights and they were dead on. Finally the windage adjustment screw is all the way out and shot groups are still way right. Now I take a look at it and the entire sight is way off center. It only took about 125 rounds to find this out. Well off to the gun section of Auto Zone and buy a set of feeler gauges. And adjust the sight assembly more or less centered. (.022 from the left side and .021 from the right). Sunday afternoon it's back to the range and try again. (A nice boresight tool for the PS90 would be nice).

Meanwhile while I am fussin and fussin with the PS90 my wife is in the next lane merrily blasting away with her .25 cal Baby Browning. She really likes the little gun. She also shot about 30 rds of .38 with her S&W LadySmith. This gun is going away. We have replaced the original grips with Houge Grips and had the trigger pull lightened but with her Carpel Tunnel and Arthritis it just hurts her hand. She now has a bruise and knot in the web between the thumb and forefinger of her shooting hand. We are thinking of either a Whalter PK-380 or a Kimber Mirco. She likes the feel of both guns but has not had an opportunity to shoot either.
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