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I have a Surefire EB2 Backup light, 800 lumen at max setting.
Since it is really just a flashlight (only has two settings, 800 lumen and 5lumen at low, no strobe setting), is it possible to obtain a mount for this light?

It has a pocket clip but that gets in the way of mount rings.
Are there mounting rings that can accommodate the EB2 Backup with its pocket clip?
If yes, please enlighten me.

Alternatively, if I can get that pocket clip off without damaging the flashlight tube casing or destroying the clip, please share with me how to do it. I would like to be able to reinstall the clip when I dismount the light and carry it in my pocket.

I won't be using the EB2 as a tactical light; just to assist in illumination at night when going after varmints.
Here is a vid I made of the EB2; this shows the pocket clip I'm describing.

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